Friday, April 8, 2011

Vigilance Press Podcast

Every once in a while I do some podcasting with the fine folks at Vigilance Press, the roleplaying game publishers who have released my Field Guide to Superheroes and Arthur Lives! projects. This week we Skyped with Steve Perrin, a legend in the rpg community and a really nice guy to boot. Steve's latest release is a sourcebook for super heroics in the Golden Age. I've read more than a few of those over the years, but I thought this one stood out for it's up-front approach to the social issues of World War II and our desire to retcon it into something more progressive. It would have been easy to dodge these issues, but Steve knew better and instead highlighted the difference between the War the way it was, and the way we would like it to be remembered.

You can check the podcast out here:Clicky!

Originally we had intended to spend some time talking about the Comics Code, but i think we spent so much time talking about it here that we felt the conversation had already been done.

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