Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Field Guide to Super Heroes, Volume 3

It took a while for the third volume of this book to come out, but it is very exciting to see it on sale, and the fourth and final volume should take much less time. I hope to do a podcast with Dan, who provided all the art for this book as usual, sometime soon. You can find volume 3 of the Field Guide at RPGNow.

There's only one volume left; we have the last ten archetypes to cover and I am starting on that project tomorrow. With any luck, the entire Field Guide will be out by GenCon, and then I can start on the M&M 3rd edition version and the Field Guide to Super Villains.

Which should be very useful to everyone, since you can never have too many villains.


  1. Field Guide to Villains sounds awesome! Will that be a single or multiple volume?

  2. Hey Jaerdaph, thanks for writing. A Field Guide to Super Villains would be the same length as the Heroes set. The 40 Archetypes are already set down, but the analysis and characters are very incomplete. Ideally, as with the Heroes set, I hope to eventually do a single big-ass book for each. But the practicalities of e-publishing force our current strategy.

  3. Excellent! And I'm pretty much eBook/PDF only now for my RPG purchases.