Monday, August 10, 2009

Arthur Lives!

So I have a new game out. Some of you have heard far too much about this game, others may not have heard anything at all. I had great fun writing it, it turned out very well, and the first part has gone on sale at RPGNow.

AL! (as we call it around the house) is a game of cinematic adventure, occult conspiracy, and urban fantasy. Players take on the roles of Arthurian characters who have been reincarnated in the present day. Character creation is wide open -- if you don't want to play a famous Arthurian hero, you can play a minor character with a shot at the big leagues, or a brand new character of your own invention whom we have never heard of until now. AL! is envisioned as a series and this book kicks off Season One; the Narrator's Guide and an introductory adventure are in the pipeline and, if response is good, Season Two will follow.

If you were a playtester for AL! and I haven't already mailed you a copy of the published .pdf, shout out now for your well-earned game swag.


  1. Come on, do AL for the Savage worlds system. Actually I don't think I could run an AL game because everyone who is interested would know more about the Arthur legend then I do. Unless I run a game about the Arthur Dent legend.

    I have been toying around with doing a blades campaign in a savage worlds setting. I just don't know if I want it to stake place today, or during WWI.

  2. I have Savage Worlds, and know it, and did consider it, but True20 was a better fit. Certainly, a conversion could be done, but I don't feel like doing one.

    Blades was a neat old game. I still have the published book around here somewhere, which turned out to be the only supplement for a little-known cyberpunk/Highlander game called "Legacy: War of Ages." It was a fun challenge, adding near-future elements to the game we all played way back when, and it was cool to see the characters in print, especially when I had the chance to fix some mistakes and make it all better.

    As for your game, dude, Nazis. How can you resist a game with Nazis. Put them in UFOs based in Antarctica and you have a trifecta of terror.