Monday, January 19, 2009

I Hate These Guys...

I was very uncertain about incorporating a Nazi element into the Arthur Lives! cosmology since, like so many other occult elements (ie: Templars), it seems terribly overdone. But I am determined to look on this as a challenge and opportunity rather than a limitation. I've used Nazis before to good effect, and if that experience burnt me out on them, well, its time to get over that burnout and see how I can use them in a way that is somehow not entirely derivative.

All of this led to Sophie von Ribbentrop, the latest Unwanted Ally in Arthur Lives! She's also the highest level character in the book by far; all the other foes are within the capabilities of low-level heroes. But Sophie is not actually intended as an antagonist and so her high level doesn't necessarily pose the speedbump it otherwise would. I did notice one particular danger writing her up, and that is that I refer to a number of other practices, terms, and individuals which probably require further explanation but which I simply name-drop (Montauk Chair, Otto Skorzeny).

But I do not have unlimited time, and let's face it: you can Google this stuff yourself.

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