Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rogues Gallery

I've spent the last couple days making antagonists for AL!, including a Freemason mastermind vaguely inspired by the Mason in National Treasure (or, as we like to call it in our house, The deFranklin Code), an Illuminati double-agent, and "Mr. Invisible," a vicious hacker visually modeled on King Mob.

In other news, my interview with Alcorn State is finally scheduled: next Wednesday morning. I'm also applying for tenure-track positions at RCC; it's not a glamorous spot, but it would be a good place-holder till something better comes along, and we could use the money (and benefits).

And finally, the fine ratmmjess has at last granted me a desire I have nourished for years: a copy of Fantastic Victoriana. It has been long out of print, and it was this book that got me >this< close to running a Victorian MUSH. A computer copy is not quite as good as an actual book, but hey, I will gladly purchase a real copy if/when it ever comes back into print.

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