Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes, Me Too

By the time I crawled out of bed and remembered it was Inauguration Day, the speech was already half over. I went and took a shower, came back, and watched it on YouTube. I was listening, paying attention, impressed but not -- you know -- overpowered, until he invoked Washington huddled on the Potomac in winter. And then, I guess that was when it turned into poetry for me. I could empathize with those men and women, freezing their asses off for the Revolution, and I admired their defiance and the defiance the President conjures in all of us. So yeah, that was when I cried.

I'm a big baby, I guess.

Tomorrow is my phone interview for Alcorn State University. It's not the ideal position; indeed, it is one of the lowest paying tenure track positions I could possibly get. However, it is tenure track at a four year university, and there is some opportunity to be found in moving to a historic black college in the same year as we elect the first black President. Whoever gets that job will be there at a very interesting time.

I'll post something tomorrow after its over.

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